Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heaven Fresh China – The beginning

We are launching a pilot project to sell Heaven Fresh products in China. The initial plan is to test the market by launching an e-commerce Chinese website for Heaven Fresh

The potential for any business in China is not a secret but presumably it is one of the most complicated consumer market in the world. Our strategy is to work with a local partner and concentrate on e-commerce in the beginning.  Given all the experiences we’ve had of opening various international offices, only one quarter’s data of online sales will be enough to get a feel for the future business.

Being a micro-multinational, we have learned to keeping the business afloat with an extremely small foot print. The real challenge will be in setting up the nation wide distribution network in China. According to our research, there is a potential to do more business just in the metropolitan area of Shanghai than we do in entire Canada. As part of our plan, we will try to nail Shanghai down before we move on to the other areas of the country.

We are quite thrilled about setting up the shop in China as it will be an exciting challenge to navigate a totally unfamiliar territory in the months ahead.