Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Arrivals – Baby boy and BMW 745 Li

I haven’t been able to write  a post for so long. Life has been quite busy lately both at work and at home.  There have been significant new development at both ends. My wife and I had a baby boy, Rayan Bashir,  on April 20, 2009.  He was born a week earlier than the due date. He had breathing difficulty at birth due to some fluid in his lungs and was kept in in ICU for one week. Although doctors tried to assure us that it was very common with new born babies but still it was very stressful to see him struggle with each breath. He is doing fine now and is diligently performing his duties of keeping us awake every night.

I also bought a BMW 745 Li yesterday. Had no such plans until two days ago but a friend of mine got me into test driving it. Ten minutes later the deal was done and now I am a dad with a BMW.

What does it all have to do with a micro-multinational? Well, not much except that I have to work even harder to pay off my new car and keep up with the supply of diapers for my boy.