Sunday, November 11, 2007

Heaven Fresh UK: Current Standing

It has been almost one year that we started selling Heaven Fresh products in the UK. Past twelve months have been a great learning experience.  We faced more challenges than we had anticipated but UK is turning out to be a very good market for us.  Just the online UK sales gave us enough confidence and cash flow to be able to lease a decent warehouse and office.  We moved to the new office four months ago. We are in touch with most of the nationwide retailers to put our products on the shelf in the stores. We have already signed up as a vendor for some of the prominent names in the UK including Harrods (,  Revital Health Stores (   and JB&C Pharmacy ( We have launched a separate web site for Ireland.   We have also brought some independent small distributors on board.

We will continue expanding our sales and marketing efforts in the UK and the neighboring countries. Based on the results so far, I believe that the Heaven Fresh UK's revenues will surpass Canadian revenues (our home market) within next two years.

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