Saturday, October 27, 2007

Two busy weeks at Heaven Fresh

It has been more than two weeks that I wrote my last post. I do not ever remember myself being so busy as it was for last couple of weeks.   Besides entering the high season for the sales activity,  Kamal was out of the office because of his new born baby boy. It was a stark reminder that Heaven Fresh is not a typical MNC but a micro-multinational, where the absence of even one key person can stretch the entire organization across the globe. We also had a blurb published in Globe & Mail about the new Heaven Fresh Personal Air Purifier. These few lines by the Globe editor made the phone ring off the hook for almost one week. This write-up in Globe & Mail was a result of the PR campaign by Celia Love for Heaven Fresh.  I wrote a post about our successful trial PR campaigns in August. We finally came to an agreement with Blessington Love PR where Heaven Fresh will pay them a monthly minimum retainer for writing one press release every month along with 1% of the PR value generated from those releases. Our formula for calculating the PR value is as follows:

PR Value = Advertisement rates in the print media for the space allocated to Heaven Fresh stories multiplied by 3

The reason for giving three times the weight of the equivalent advertisement space in the same media is that the editorial stories get more attention by the readers and have a greater impact.  We are planning to expand our PR activities in other countries as well as on the Internet.

There has also been quite a bit of activity in the UK office for last couple of months. I will be dedicating this coming week writing about our experiences of starting the Heaven Fresh office in London, UK.



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