Saturday, August 11, 2007

P R Campaigns for Heaven Fresh

Most large companies have dedicated PR departments that handle variety of  public relation campaigns.  The object of a targeted PR campaign could be anything from  reducing the negative impact of a corporate crisis to building the brand awareness and creating demand for products and services.

We ran a test PR project for Heaven Fresh in Canada a few months ago.  The purpose was to see the immediate impact on the company sales as well as to compare the cost effectiveness of a PR campaign against traditional advertisements.  The campaign turned out to be quite successful as Heaven Fresh products received a very decent coverage in the national media.  As a result, we saw a clear spike in the sales of the products that were mentioned in the media. We reached a niche group of potential customers via PR that we could have targeted otherwise.  However, the biggest benefit of PR, in my opinion, can only be realized in the long run by publicizing the Heaven Fresh brand, thus creating a demand for the company products and eventually being able to increase the profit margins from the sales. Therefore, I believe that PR has to be an integral part of the long term business growth and the marketing plan for Heaven Fresh.

Heaven Fresh test PR campaign was managed by Celia Love of Belessington Love & Associates. The credit of the successful campaign goes to Celia's competence, knowledge, relationships in media and years of experience in the PR industry.  While I have no doubt in my mind that we should push ahead our PR efforts with full scale for all of our  international offices, the reality is that hiring PR professionals and firms can be an expensive undertaking for a micr0-multinational like Heaven Fresh.  There is no denying that the cash spent on PR will be worthwhile in the long run for the company but it is more desirable for us to spend limited amount of capital available on activities that bring in the sales immediately thus helping the cash crunch of the company.

 Being a micr0-multinational with limited amount of money to spend on marketing activities, the company needs a cost effective way of doing robust PR campaigns.  We are working with Blessington Love & Associates to develop such a strategy.  If you have any ideas about running a cost effective global PR campaign in various languages and countries, I will be very interested in discussing the topic in greater detail.


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