Sunday, July 22, 2007

Personal time with the Investors

I went to see Mr. John Brouwer in Alliston Ontario last week. John is one of the Heaven Fresh investors. Spending time with the company investors on a one on one basis is part of my routine to bond with the company investors. Personal time with the investors gives me a chance to learn how they view the company progress and gauge their expectations.  This is also a perfect opportunity for me to determine their level of satisfaction with the growth and get them on the same page about on going or planned business expansion activities.  After all, existing investors are the best candidates to finance the further growth of the business. 

A day in the Canadian countryside was also a wonderful break for me from the daily office routine and the fast pace of Toronto.  John took me for a ride in his four seater Cessna. I really had a blast flying just above the clouds on a clear sunny day.  This was my first time flying in a small plane sitting right next to the pilot :).  Well, technically not the first time . It was when I went for sky diving jump in the suburbs of Chicago.  Here are few of the pictures of our Cessna flight taken with my phone camera.

Imran with Cessna How could I miss an opportunity to take a picture with the air plane :)
Imran in the Cessna cockpit I'm in the cockpit while John's out filling up the fuel  
John Brouwer's farmhouse A view of John's farm house while we are taking off. My car is parked next to John's truck in the driveway.
Alliston ON from the sky An aerial view of Alliston, Ontario with Honda plant in the view.
Imran Bashir flyin over Alliston For all of you who need proof that we actually flew. I am in the plane while we are up in the air :)
John Brouwer John with the airplane after a successful landing and parking the plane.
John and Monica Brouwer

John and Monica in their beautifully maintained 5 acre backyard.  I ate all the delicious cookies that Monica baked.  Hopefully, they will invite me again :)


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