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Heaven Fresh Infomercial & TV Marketing

Shaper Image has been broadcasting a very high-rated TV infomercial campaign in the United States for its Ionic Breeze air purifiers for quite long time now. Other companies like Ionic Pro and Oreck are also airing TV infomercials in the US for their indoor air purifiers.

Having started the business in March 2003 and being a small player in the air purification industry, we only had a wishful thinking on our part to have the Heaven Fresh infomercial running on TV. TV infomercial marketing is an expensive and risky undertaking for any company, let alone for a cash strapped small business. There are just too many variables that can be the reason for the failure of the infomercial campaign. We had a breakthrough when The Shopping Channel ( Canada decided to carry the Heaven Fresh products. The first show aired in January of 2005 and Heaven Fresh products have been enjoying a successful ride on TSC since then.

When Oreck started the TV campaign in Canada, our home base market, it left us no choice but to get serious about producing our own infomercial if we were to make Heaven Fresh a recognizable household name in air purification business. Although, more than a year of successful TSC run had really boosted our confidence to go for producing and televising of our own infomercial, the TV production and broadcasting were still an unfamiliar territory for us. We needed the qualified and experienced people to help us mitigate the risks of TV sales/marketing. Mainly there were following three areas of concern:

1) Financing for media and inventory

2) Television production

3) TV marketing management (Air time & TV selection, order handling, logistics, sales analysis, negotiations and coordination etc.)

We believed that the best way to move forward on the TV marketing campaign was to find partners and stakeholders in the project ,who would have a vested interest in it and take its success and failure as a very personal matter.

For financing, there was no better choice than to get our supplier, Surround Air (, support the project. By having Surround Air as a partner in infomercial, we not only reduced our financial risks but also got our supplier intimately involved in the entire TV marketing process. At the very beginning of the project, we got a million dollar advice from the president of Surround Air, Mr. Casey Fisher, not to go for production houses that offer bundled deals to produce and air the infomercial. Therefore we needed to maintain a deep involvement every step of the way in the production and broadcasting process. This included, script writing, hosts selection, equipment , filming, studio setup, animation, testimonials, topic experts, media selection, media editing, TV/air time slots selection, call center choice, regulatory approvals and so on .

A quality video production is one of the keys to have a successful campaign. Having worked with Alive Pro Studios ( for some time for all of the Heaven Fresh graphics needs we knew their passion for the video production and we had faith in their ability to do quality work. Yet, we wanted them not to treat the Heaven Fresh infomercial just like any other project that they needed to finish. But instead make every decision in the Heaven Fresh infomercial production process by having the ultimate goal in mind which is to maximize the impulsive sales when people watch it on TV. Well, what better way to get Heaven Fresh project very near and dear to Alive Pro Studios than to get them to invest in the project and make them a partner in the profits. So, it was done and we had one more investor, stakeholder and partner in the Heaven Fresh TV sales.

A company can have the best video production and all the financing that it needs, but the success of an infomercial hinges on getting the right message to the right audience, selection of the TV channels and air time slots, logistics coordination, calls management, sales data analysis and several other factors. We had to have someone, who lives and breaths "marketing",  intimately involved in the TV campaign. For that we could not think of a better person than Jim Pappas of Future Management Systems ( Jim is a marketing guru and he has greatly helped Heaven Fresh with various marketing and management tasks from almost the very beginning. An experienced marketer and a very creative individual with vast management experience, Jim was the perfect partner to manage the Heaven Fresh TV infomercial campaign, only if we could convince him to invest months of his time in it for a share in the profits. Jim definitely saw the value in the project and thus became another investor, stakeholder and partner.

Every one involved in the project has given their utmost best for its success. We do not see anything that we could have done any different. Only time will tell whether the team's best efforts were good enough to achieve the desired results. But one thing is certain that every one involved is determined to make it work and they will keep doing whatever it takes until we accomplish our goal.

I have to finish this post by saying that when we started the project, the infomercial seemed like a big gamble for Heaven Fresh. We did all we could to get the odds in our favor. Coincidently, the campaign launches on 7/7/7 (July 7, 2007) at Shop TV (http/ in Canada. Maybe our big gamble is about to pay off and we are going to hit the jackpot :)

Heaven Fresh infomercial



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