Saturday, June 23, 2007

Open Software Platforms

I'm using Windows Live Writer, a desktop product from Microsoft, to post this message on Blogger(a Google service).  Surprisingly, I found out about the Live Writer on the Blogger web site. The message even called Joe Cheng, developer of Windows Live Writer and a Microsoft employee, "a friend of Blogger".

Live Writer seems to have some good features but partly due to its not-trivial configuration with Blogger, I am a bit skeptical of a Microsoft product working well with a Google service.

Many software visionaries have predicted this long time ago that closed platforms will spell nothing but disaster for the software vendors. The consumer must be free to choose the bits and pieces at will to create the best possible experience for himself instead of getting stuck with just one system that is not interoperable with systems from other companies.  With the software getting more and more complex, it is just natural that some companies will excel in certain areas and others will be better in different functions. Consumers and businesses looking to be more efficient will be able to pick the pieces and create a superior system that a single software vendor might not be able to provide in one comprehensive package.

Well, let's see if this marriage of a Microsoft product and a Google service will work. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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